Our Story

Hi, welcome to Seat Amigo. Our names are Scott, Taylor, and Tim and we are three siblings that co-founded Seat Amigo. One day, we were talking with our dad who was telling us about a recent business trip.

He primarily flies Southwest Airlines and said, "It would really be cool if I knew who I was going to sit next to instead of waiting for that random person." That’s when the idea hit us. Let's make an app that lets you see a profile of others on your flight, lets you connect with them on the app and then you can sit together on the flight.

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We decided to take this idea and run with it. We found a local app developer and decided that we could make this into a really cool social platform for Southwest Airlines passengers. We added stuff like like destination information so that you can find someone going to the same event, conference, trade show, whatever. We decided to go with a freemium business model and of course you can add your social links to your profile. With the help of our dad, who is a successful entrepreneur and CEO of his own business, Seat Amigo was born.

Our goal is to change the airline industry. We want to overhaul the flying experience so we can all look forward to our next flight instead of dreading it. Whether you want a business connection, social connection, or even just a quiet seatmate, Seat Amigo is the solution that's right at your fingertips.