Frequently Asked Questions

What is Seat Amigo?

Seat Amigo is a FREE app that allows you to choose who you want to sit next to on your next flight. You will no longer have to wonder about that random seatmate. Currently works with all Southwest Airlines flights. Read about our story.

Is Seat Amigo Free?

Seat Amigo is always free to use! We also have premium member features that can enhance your Seat Amigo experience which include, unlimited flights per month. Premium membership is $5 per month and cancellable at any time.

How do I get the App?

Go to our home page and click the "get the app button" or go to It's a new type app that doesn't need to be int eh app store. Once you register, follow the instructions to put the icon on your homescreen and that's it!

The App is not in the App Store, How do I install it?

It's easy, click here for a quick video tutorial.

What is Open-Seating? I've never flown Southwest Airlines.

Open-Seating is used by Southwest Airlines and Amtrak train service and Eurpoean Train service. There are NO ASSIGNED SEATS. You board and sit wherever you want. Check out the video.